WSA25 at Free Range 2016

I've been waiting for the right moment to finally start up this section of my website, a place where I can keep you up to date with what is currently happening with my work, or just things you may be interested in. I decided that the time would be when Free Range opened, which is a graduate show taking place at the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, London. Unfortunately I've been so busy recently that it's now the second day that the show is open to the public and I'm sat here at our section's shop (yes we have a shop!! Lots of cool prints and postcards and books available for you to pick up!!) writing this, better late than never though I guess!

The brilliant thing about Free Range is that art graduates from all over the country take part, with each university involved having their own room to bring their degree show to, which is exciting because it saves you the time, effort and money of travelling to each university to view the work, collecting it all in one large building. I'm showing with Winchester School of Art, we're located at the back of the top floor, next to Croydon (who in my opinion had the best bar at the PV!!).

If you happened to see our degree show at WSA in June, it's still worth coming to check this out if you're passing through London at all as the building is so different that the show takes on a different feel, and most of the work has been modified to take advantage of this, creating a different atmosphere. The only similarity is that the work itself is mostly the same... For example, at WSA I had my own little room to play with, but here I didn't even have any wall space (although I ended up with some for the prints due to a change of circumstance a few hours before the PV), so I adapted to match that, building stands for my work with George Thom, allowing my work to stand on it's own and move about as the show developed, playing with the space without the constraints of needing to be attached to a wall, ceiling or floor.

There was an unexpected visitor yesterday, a pigeon that kept coming back (I like to think it was the same one and not four different pigeons!!). It wouldn't wonder around the space or get lost though, just fly in through the window, sit next to my prints, and then fly back out the window, each time, which livened things up a bit as the day was near an end and everything had quietened down.

So basically, if you're about in London over the next couple of days then it would be great if you could take time out of your schedule to pay us a visit!!

Open to the Public: Friday 8th - Sunday 10th July | 10am - 7pm Monday 11th July | 10am – 4pm

One last thing... Keep your eyes peeled on this blog, I'll be updating it regularly and it would be cool if you could come back!!

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